Soulful voice of Eki Shola swirls around playful drum machines and catchy bass hooks” - Corey Mwamba

BBC Radio 3

Her music, including the song ``Dreaming,'' which she composed when she decided to ``pursue music,'' incorporates jazz, electronica, and R&B, and is warm and soulful. As I listened to her, I felt like I was surrounded by her gentle personality. As if to remind us that music can sometimes convey kindness more than words.” - Miki Kobayashi


One of the joys of discovering and delving into Bay Area talent is that you become a part of their journey, a witness to their growth, and an engaged listener who remains invested in their success...The selection “Kaeru” is presented in an unhurried, languid style that invites repeated listens, melding jazz and soul together seamlessly.” - John-Paul Shiver


… a qualified physician, Eki Shola has poured just as much of herself into her music as evidenced on current release, '還 (Kaeru)', which credits the artist's boundless talents throughout the album to vocals, cello, keyboard, piano, synth bass, electronics, composition, production, mixing and mastering.  It's a project that builds masterfully upon past successes with Eki Shola's explorations taking not just a creative leap for this release but a geographic one as well.  Recorded in Japan alongside musicians Hidenori Tsugita (drums), Tatsuya Okabayashi (Mongolian Morin Khuur) and Uma Ebina (shamisen and shakuhachi), the combination of cultural styles breeds sensational results and provides an incredible new aesthetic to anything we've heard Eki Shola bless previously.” - Imran Mirza

Full review at Blue in Green Radio, UK

What or where is home when you’re born in one place but, still a child, move to another place? What or where is home when the house where you grew up burns to the ground? What or where is home when your life is world travel, constantly moving from London to Hiroshima to Lisbon to Addis Ababa to Berkeley and beyond?” - Ronny Kerr

Full review at White Crate

"Bay Area artists La Misa Negra, Eki Shola and Sol Development opened for last year's winner, Naia Izumi, off the strength of their contest submissions. ” - Nastia Voynovskaya




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